A few months ago, I decided to quit my job at Citizen Republic to get a new position. I had many reasons to change, but one of the most important was I really wanted to know what it was like to work remotely. I don’t mean working from home time-to-time for convenience, but really work for a company where offices and face-to-face meetings do not exist.

I think the folks at 37 Signals really convinced me ;)

The fact is, in France, remote working is not so frequent, and traditional job boards French developers usually use (RemixJobs and AzertyJobs ahead) do not offer a “remote” criteria. So I just wanted to share this list of job boards referencing open remote positions or at least a “remote” criteria. They have helped me a lot during my search:

You should also definitely have a look at Awesome Remote Job, a GitHub repo curating a lot of resources about remote jobs.

Needless to say, my preference goes to We Work Remotely as this is where I finally found my current (remote, of course) position at EmailHunter.co.

A BIG thank you to the guys behind each of this websites, you really made my life better!